Help Save Golog Jigme!

November 30, 2012

Use the Chinese text template for texting Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Gansu.

1. 我们不信安全厅的宣传。果洛久美自由!We don’t believe PSB propaganda. Free  Golog Jigme!
2. 释放果洛久美 Release Golog Jigme
3. 果洛久美自由 Free Golog Jigme
4. 果洛久美在哪里? Where is Golog Jigme?
5. 停止谎言! 果洛久美自由 ! Stop the lies! Free Golog Jigme!

Public security bureau (PSB) phone numbers in Gansu:

text => +86 13519629133, +86 13519658733
call=> +86 9318535111, +86 9318535115

You do not need to speak Chinese to do a phone call. Just mention Golog Jigme’s name, loudly!

If you want to say the sentences in Chinese, here’s how:

 This is how you say Release Golog Jigme in Chinese
Chinese characters: 释放果洛久美
Pinyin: Shìfàng guǒ luò jiǔměi

This is how to Say “Free Golog Jigme” in Chinese
Chinese characters: 果洛久美自由
Pinyin: Guǒluò jiǔměi zìyóu

This is how to say “We don’t believe PSB propaganda. Free Golog Jigme!” in Chinese”
Chinese characters: 我们不信安全厅的宣传。果洛久美自由。
Pinyin: Wǒmen bùxìn ānquán tīng de xuānchuán. Guǒ luò jiǔměi zìyóu

Here are a couple of videos showing you what happens when you call!

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