Lhamo Tso Appeals for Husband’s Safe Return

October 6, 2013

San Francisco, Zurich:  Lhamo Tso, wife of Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen, accompanied by actor Mr. Peter Coyote, will go to the Chinese Consulate to hand over letters and pictures for her husband who is in a prison in China and whose birthday is on October 17. Peter Coyote supports the demand for a safe return of Dhondup Wangchen.

Dhondup Wangchen is nearing the end of a six-year prison sentence in China for “inciting separatism”. Dhondup Wangchen suffers from Hepatitis B and has not received the medical treatment he needs. 

Dhondup Wangchen’s case is known internationally. He was awarded by various organizations for his courageous documentary. The self-taught camera man and filmmaker travelled across Tibet with his assistant Golog Jigme in 2007/2008. His film “Leaving Fear Behind” (28 min.) was translated into many languages and has been screened in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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